Michael Anderson

Film Production CompanyYear
Michael Anderson Productions1977-1999

Film (Director)Year
The New Adventures of Pinocchio 1999
Summer of the Monkeys1998
Millennium 1989
La Bottega Dell'Orefice 1989
Separate Vacations1986
Second Time Lucky 1984
Murder by Phone 1982
Dominique 1979
Logan's Run1976
Conduct Unbecoming1975
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze 1975
Pope Joan 1972
The Shoes of the Fisherman 1968
The Quiller Memorandum1966
Operation Crossbow 1965
Wild and Wonderful 1964
Flight from Ashiya 1964
The Naked Edge 1961
All the Fine Young Cannibals 1960
The Wreck of the Mary Deare 1959
Shake Hands with the Devil 1959
Chase a Crooked Shadow 1958
Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst 1957
Around the World in Eighty Days 1956
The Dambusters1955
The House of the Arrow 1953
Will Any Gentleman...? 1953
Night Was Our Friend 1953
Hell Is Sold Out 1951
Waterfront 1950
Private Angelo 1949

Film (Assistant Director)Year
Woman Hater1948
Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill1948
One Night with You 1948
Vice Versa 1948
Fame Is the Spur1947
School for Secrets 1946
Unpublished Story 1942
Cottage to Let1941
Quiet Wedding 1941
Freedom Radio1941
A Voice in the Night1941
Spy for a Day1940

Film (Production Manager)Year
In Which We serve1942

Film (Writer)Year
Private Angelo1949

Film (Actor)YearCharacter
In Which We Serve 1942Albert Fosdick
Housemaster 1938Oily Boyd

Television (Director)Episode Year/Date
Scales of JusticeWho Killed Sir Harry Oakes (episode 3.3)10th February 1993
Scales of JusticeRegina vs Nelles1992
The Martian ChroniclesThe Martians (episode 1.3)29th January 1980
The Martian ChroniclesThe Settlers (episode 1.2)28th January 1980
The Martian ChroniclesThe Expeditions (episode 1.1)27th January 1980

TV Movie (Director)Date
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 23rd March 1997
Captains Courageous 21st April 1996
Rugged Gold10th December 1994
The Sea Wolf18th April 1993
Young Catherine 17th February 1991
Sword of Gideon29th November 1986

Documentary (Television)EpisodeDate
Talking PicturesWar Films (episode 2.19)26th March 2016
Fifties British War Films: Days of Glory1st January 2013
Studio of the Stars: The Elstree Story12th March 1967
A Tribute to Victor Young3rd April 1957

Documentary (Television) (Appearance)Date
Around the World of Mike Todd8th September 1968

TV AppearanceDate
This is Your Life: Peter Ustinov28th December 1994
This is Your Life: Peter Ustinov30th November 1977
This is Your Life: Richard Todd7th March 1960

TV InterviewsYear/Date
Saturday Night at the Movies2011
Film 774th December 1977
The Movies8th May 1967
Picture Parade26th April 1960
Picture Parade18th March 1957

Radio InterviewsDate
Movie-Go-Round8th January 1967
Film Time19th February 1963
Talking of Films25th March 1956

Theatre (Actor)Date
Ah, Wilderness17th-22nd September 1956
Springtime10th-15th September 1956
Arsenic and Old Lace3rd-8th September 1956
The Food of Love27th August-1st September 1956
Of Mice and Men20th-25th August 1956
The Red-Headed Blonde13th-18th August 1956
Appointment with Death30th July-4th August 1956
Late Love23rd-28th July 1956
Running Wild16th-21st July 1956
The Middle Watch9th-14th July 1956
The Miser25th-30th June 1956
Quiet Wedding18th-23rd June 1956
Jupiter Laughs11th-16th June 1956
Lucky Strike4th-9th June 1956
All for Mary28th May-2nd June 1956
Alibi21st-26th May 1956
My Three Angels14th-19th May 1956

Featurettes (Film) (DVD/Blu-ray) (Interview)Year
Logan's Run: A Look Into the 23rd Century 2007

Featurettes (Film) (DVD/Blu-ray) (Appearances)Year
The Dam Busters: Royal Premiere2018
That's Entertainment: The Lion Roars Again 2017
The Shoes of the Fisherman2006

Commentary (Film) (DVD/Blu-ray)Date
Conduct Unbecoming: Special Edition14th May 2019
Logan's Run19th March 2018
Logan's Run22nd September 2008

Magazines Article (Print) (Written)Year
Films and FilmingSeptember 1957

Book (Photos) (Print)Date
June Shelley: Even When it Was Bad...It Was Good16th January 2001

Lifetime Achievement Award: Directors Guild of Canada2012
Silver Medallion: Screen Director’s Guild of America1957

Michael  Anderson Jr

Film (Actor)YearCharacter
Terminal Rush1996Harrison Dekker
Sunset Grill1993Lt. Jeff Carruthers
Nightkill1980Lt. Donner
Logan's Run1976Doc
The Last Movie1971Mayor's Son
The Glory Guys 1965Private Martin Hale
The Sons of Katie Elder1965Bud Elder
Major Dundee1965Tim Ryan
The Greatest Story Ever Told 1965James, The Younger
Dear Heart1963Patrick
Reach for Glory1963Lewis Craig
In Search of the Castaways1962John Glenarvan
Play it Cool1962Alvin
The Sundowners160Sean Carmody
Tiger Bay1959Youth
Around the World in Eighty Days1956

Television (Actor)Episode/Series/SeasonYear/DateCharacter
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the ParanormalThe Underneath/Phantom Limb (episode 1.7)9th November 1996 Paul Slater
Kung Fu: The Legend ContinuesDemons (episode 3.14)2nd October 1996 Jack Hamilton
HighlanderThey Also Serve (episode 3.15)6th February 1995 Ian Bancroft
NightstandStaff Talent Show (episode 1.32)1995 Jimmy
Street LegalThe Long and Winding Road (episode 8.18)18th February 1994 Victor Sowlan
Street LegalNo Holds (episode 8.17)11th February 1994 Victor Sowlan
Santa Barbaraepisode 1.188824th January 1992St. Louis Doctor
Tropical HeatFamily Affair (episode 1.4)29th April 1991 Stuart Minton
Shades of LAThe Really Big Sleep (episode 1.18)23rd February 1991Thomas Browning
Street LegalTyger, Tyger (episode 5.11)14th December 1990Adrian Carlyle
Jesse HawkesLittle Girl Lost (episode 1.2)29th April 1989
Capitol episode 1.?23rd December 1986Hubert
Murder, She WroteOne White Rose for Deathm (episode 3.4)19th October 1986 Dr. Lynch
Divorce Court Harding vs. HardingJune 1986 Steve Harding
Highway to HeavenHeaven on Earth (episode 2.19)26th February 1986Tom Ward
Falcon CrestGoing Once, Going Twice (episode 4.11)7th December 1984Bill Tuttle
Magnum, P.I.The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (episode 5.4)18th October 1984Garwood Huddle Jr
Jessie In the Line of Duty (episode 1.7)1984 Cantwell
ChipsOverload (episode 5.25) 2nd May 1982 Lucas Peters
Romance Theatre A Legacy for Leonette (episode 1.5)30th September 1982Martin
Romance TheatreA Legacy for Leonette (episode 1.4)29th September 1982Martin
Romance TheatreA Legacy for Leonette (episode 1.3)29th September 1982Martin
Romance TheatreA Legacy for Leonette (episode 1.2)28th September 1982Martin
Romance TheatreA Legacy for Leonette (episode 1.1)27th September 1982Martin
Today's F.B.I.Surfacing (episode 1.15)28th February 1982Sonny
InsightAll Out29th January 1982Steve
The Martian Chronicles The Martians (episode 1.3)29th January 1980David Lustig
The Martian Chronicles The Settlers (episode 1.2)28th January 1980David Lustig
The Martian Chronicles The Expeditions (episode 1.1)27th January 1980David Lustig
Love, American StyleLove and the College Professor/Love and the Eyewitness/Love and the Lady Barber/Love and the Plumber (episode 3.10)19th November 1979 Dewey
Fantasy Island Cornelius and Alphonse/The Choice (episode 2.23)6th May 1979Bill
QuincyAn Ounce of Prevention (episode 4.21)22nd March 1979 Attorney Todd
Love, American StyleLove and the Fuzz/Love and the Groupie/Love and the Housekeeper/Love and Women's Lib (episode 2.24)12th March 1979 Officer Tracy
Greatest Heroes of the BibleThe Story of Esther1979 Bigthan
The Tony Randall ShowTwice Is Not Enough (episode 2.17)4th February 1978 Phillip Whitley-White
What Really Happened to the Class of '65? The Girl Nobody Knew29th December 1977Doug
Washington: Behind Closed Doorsepisode 1.510th September 1977 Alex Coffee
Gibbsville In the Silence1977
Hawaii Five-ONine Dragons (episode 9.1)30th September 1976 Anthony Waring
InsightThe Man in the Cast Iron Suit28th April 1976 George
Cannon The House of Cards (episode 5.17)14th January 1976 Paul Smith
Police StoryBreaking Point (episode 3.17)12th December 1975 Robert Armstrong
Kate McShaneTerror on Sycamore Street17th September 1975
PetrocelliVengeance in White (episode 1.19)5th March 1975 Reverend Nathaniel Wakely
The Streets of San Francisco Asylum (episode 3.21)20th February 1975 Paul William Bierce
Police StoryHeadhunter (episode 2.13)14th January 1975 Leonard Cates
Hawaii Five-OHow to Steal a Masterpiece (episode 7.9)12th November 1974 Jeff Koestler
Ironside Raise the Devil: Part 2 (episode 8.2)19th September 1974Jeff Hanley
Ironside Raise the Devil: Part 1 (episode 8.1)12th September 1974 Jeff Hanley
Hawaii Five-OThe Sunday Torch (episode 6.5)9th October 1973Ray Stokely
The Mod Squad Kristie (episode 5.14)14th December 1972Jerry
Medical Center Deadlock (episode 3.21)16th February 1972Blake
The Mod Squad Shockwave (episode 4.18)25th January 1972 Troy
Hawaii Five-OTo Kill or Be Killed (episode 3.17)13th January 1971 Michael Rigney
Medical Center Junkie (episode 2.3)30th September 1970 Kevin
The Bold Ones: The New DoctorsThis Will Really Kill You (episode 2.1)20th September 1970 Jerry
CBS PlayhouseThe Day Before (episode 3.3)10th February 1970Chris
Land of the GiantsEvery Dog Needs a Boy (episode 2.8)9th November 1969 Ben Car
Love, American StyleLove and the Modern Wife/Love and the Phonies/Love and the Single Couple (episode 1.5)27th October 1969 Tim Hurst
The Name of the Game A Hard Case of the Blues (episode 2.2)26th September 1969 Bobby
The MonroesGhosts of Paradox (episode 1.26)15th March 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesTeaching the Tiger to Purr (episode 1.25)8th March 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesMan Hunt (episode 1.24)1st March 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesTrapped (episode 1.23)22nd February 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesWild Bull (episode 1.22)15th February 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesKiller Cougar (episode 1.21)1st February 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesGun Bound (episode 1.20)25th January 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesRace for the Rainbow (episode 1.19)18th January 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesTo Break a Colt (episode 1.18)11th January 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesMark of Death (episode 1.17)4th January 1967Clayt Monroe
The MonroesPawnee Warrior (episode 1.16)28th December 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesRange War (episode 1.15)21st December 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesGold Fever (episode 1.14)14th December 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesLost in the Wilderness (episode 1.13)30th November 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesSilent Night, Deadly Night (episode 1.12)23rd November 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesCourt Martial (episode 1.11)16th November 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesThe Friendly Enemy (episode 1.10)9th November 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesWar Arrow (episode 1.9)2nd November 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesThe Hunter (episode 1.8)26th October 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesOrdeal by Hope (episode 1.9)19th October 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesIncident at the Hanging Tree (episode 1.6)12th October 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesWild Dog of the Tetons (episode 1.5)5th October 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesThe Forest Devil (episode 1.4)28th September 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesRide with Terror (episode 1.3)21st September 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesNight of the Wolf (episode 1.2)14th September 1966Clayt Monroe
The MonroesThe Intruders (episode 1.1)7th September 1966Clayt Monroe
The Legend of Jesse James Put Me in Touch with Jesse (episode 1.3)27th September 1965 Cass Pritchard
Espionage To the Very End (episode 1.6)6th November 1963 Bob Farrell
Stoney BurkeGold-Plated Maverick (epsiode 1.14)7th January 1963 David Latimer
Sir Francis DrakeBoy Jack (episode 1.7)24th December 1961 John Harrington
Ivanhoe The Kidnapping (episode 1.20)27th July 1958 Prince Arthur
The Count of Monte Cristo A Matter of Justice (episode 1.20)9th July 1956Lt. Lenz

TV Movie (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Families 10th May 1998Lt. Von Meyer
Elvis Meets Nixon10th August 1997Secret Service Agent #2
Undue Influence15th September 1996Funeral Priest
Rent-a-Kid 4th November 1995Mr. Nicely
Dieppe 1993David Leean
Making of a Male Model 9th October 1983Sven
The Million Dollar Face 12th March 1981
Kiss Me, Kill Me8th May 1976Dan Hodges
Evel Knievel29th March 1974Darrell Pettet
Shootout in a One-Dog Town9th January 1974Billy Boy
Coffee, Tea or Me? 11th September 1973Tommy Byrnes
The Daughters of Joshua Cabe 13th September 1972Cole Wetherall
The Family Rico12th September 1972Georgie
In Search of America 23rd March 1971J.J
The House That Would Not Die27th October 1970Stan Whitman

Documentary (Television) (Appearance)Year
John Wayne Behind-the-Scenes: Filming Of Stunts, Chases, Fights, Crashes and Gun Battles2007

TV AppearancesEpisodeDate
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: In Search of the Castawaysepisode 25.48th December 1978
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: In Search of the Castawaysepisode 25.31st October 1978

Theatre (Actor)
The Nutcraker Suite

Featurettes (Film) (DVD) (Appearance)Year
The Greatest Story Ever Told: He Walks in Beauty2001

Magazines Article (Print) (Written)Year
Movie Teen1962

Trading Card (Film)Year
Michael Anderson Jr1964

Book (Front Cover)Year
The Sundowners1960

Book (Photos) (Print)Year/Date
The Complete Films Of John Wayne1st June 1990
In Search of the Castaways1964